Event Ident

2014 3D e-sports envent ident

We were commissioned to create the opening title for the ESL(Electronic Sports Leage) pro-gaming brand ESL ONE.
We combined the graphic design of fantasy- and si-fy-cinematics with the title mood of a big sport event.

On the 28th and 29th of June, the Commerzbank-Arena has been transformed into a haven for Dota 2 fans from all around the world. Eight teams were selected to take part in the event. In Frankfurt, the teams faced off against one another on centre-stage, in the hopes of taking home the lion’s share of the US$150,000 prize pool.


concept sketches



stills5 stills4 stills3 stills2 stills1foto2



Project ESL ONE |DOTA2 | Event Ident
Client Turtle Entertainment
Date 2014
Format HDTV1080p 45sec
Production Salon Alpin
Direction and Art Direction Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser
Team Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser, Jeremy Brown (  Asset Modeling)
Music and Sounddesign Prozacstudio, Jacob Thomas Czech

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