“The Magic of Craft”


The making of “The Magic of Craft” created by director Rui Telmo Romão and with sounddesign by Fifth Music lets you watch behind the curtains of this intensive stop-motion production for Montblanc.

With traditional stop-motion technique we created this years Montblanc “Magic of crafts”.
Within this technique it was a our main focus to strike a balance between free artistical interpretation and actual representation of the charming world of Montblanc.


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client: Montblanc Int.
agency: Scholz&Friends
production, direction, production design: Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser – Salon Alpin
character design and painting: Daniela Leitner
puppet construction, rig: Oldskull FX
animation, setconstruction: COLA
sounddesign and music: fifth music, Matthias Hacksteiner
CGI: Christoph Schindelar, Ricardo Manso


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