2010 3D shortfilm Stopmotion

In “Much Better Now”, the main character is a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, caught in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room. One day wind knocks over the book and blows the bookmark onto the table, separating them. Unfolding hands and feet, the bookmark is swept back into the pages that turn into ocean waves and the two are reunited for a journey. With a surfboard it experiences its environment in a new way – wipe-outs, washouts and nosedives connect the hero to the ocean. The bookmark enjoys the ride of its life.


Official Selection: ECU Paris 2012, Vilnius Shorts 2012, Taafi 2012, RIFF Awards 2012, Leeds International Short film Festival,  Cockatoo Island Film Festival 2012, Nord Nordwest Hamburg, British Animation Film Festival, Brazilian Kids Film Festival, Supertoon Zagreb, Leuven Short film Festival, Tyrolean indeoendant film festival, Amplitude Film Festival, Anchorage Film Festival 2012, Whitney Film Festival, San Diego Short Film Festival, Surf at Lisbon, Mo & Friese, Athens Film Festival,…

“Children’s Jury Award” Bristol Encounters 2012
“Best Short” Content Award Austria 2012
“2nd place – Best Animation” MyHero Film Festival 2012
“Special Mention” at Rome Independent Film Festival 2012
“Rookie of the Year” CCA Vienna 2012 – Book Annual
“3rd prize” in category animation at Athens Film and Video Festival 2012
“1st prize – Best Animation” Roma Creative Contest 2012
“Best international animation” Surf Film Fest Portugal
“ADC Deutschland: Bronze” category Film 2012


“At the time we decided to create an animated surf-clip we were not aware of the potential of this project. Over one year we developed a simple idea into a 5 minutes mixed-media short-film. We pushed our limits in pre-production, storytelling, stop-motion, live-action, character design, 3D animation and many other fields by combining our knowledge from commercial motion-design and visual art for a story worth to be told. Zero budget did not limit rather than feed our creativity trough improvisation. We surfed through this production and tried to become one with what we do. To work on this stop-motion project had the same creative impulse on us, as the wind has on our little character…”

Project Much Better Now
Release Date
Finishing Date 10 2011
Format HDTV720p 5.55min
Production Salon Alpin
Direction Phillip Comarella, Simon Griesser
 Team Thomas Welz, Silvio Canazei, Kris Staber, Simon Griesser. Phillip Comarella
 Music and Sounddesign Silvio Canazei

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