event ident

2011 envent ident illustration starcraft

We created TeamLiquid’s Starleague 4 Event Ident and broadcast animations, one the most prestigious Western Starcraft 2 Events of all times. The Artwork interprets Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 World in a new cheerful way.

The TeamLiquid StarLeague 4, announced on April 25th 2012, was the second TSL event held for StarCraft II. It featured three returning seeds, the three players who achieved podium in the previous edition: ThorZaIN, NaNiwa, and Kas. The twenty-nine remaining spots were awarded through qualifiers. The event had live finals and after party in New York City, as well as full news and coverage on




Project TSL Starleague Event Ident
Client Team Liquid , US
Date 2012
Agency Salon Alpin / Team Liquid
Format HDTV1080p 45sec
Production Salon Alpin
Direction Phillip Comarella
 Team Salon Alpin Simon Griesser. Phillip Comarella
 Music and Sounddesign

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